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Secure the Future with Eco-Friendly Straws

There is an increased intensity in the war on plastics.More companies are implementing bans on the plastic due to plastic pollution in the oceans. The ban is effectively being implemented on plastic straws. Eco-friendly alternatives are where companies are required to turn to. Despite the pressure piling up on companies to ban plastics, many companies are still reluctant to ban plastic straws. There still wants regarding the implementation of the plastic straw ban in the world due to selfishness emanating from the manufacturers.

After a single use, 500 million plastic straws are thrown daily. These alarming statistics are for the United States of America only.Calculate this rate on a yearly basis and you get 175 billion straws a year. This is the explanation as to why you easily see sea turtles with plastic straws on their noses.

Out of the huge masses of plastic that is used, there is only a small percentage that is collected for recycling. It is only a mere 14 percent of plastic packaging that is collected.Sadly, 32 percent of the packaging escapes collection systems.

The oceans receive 8 million metric tons of plastic residue on a yearly basis.This is a very he quantity of plastic. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to have plastic straws trapped by collection systems.This is indicative that almost all straws find their way into the ocean since they are light. These plastic straws pose a very real threat to all marine life.

As a result, environmentalists are trying to discourage the usage of plastic straws.

You can still enjoy your drink without a straw. Not using a straw as you take your drink is very advantageous.Peradventure you feel you must use a straw to take your drinks; alternatives abound.Read to the end to know these alternatives.

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Paper straws are a good alternative to plastic straws.Paper straws were largely in use until the 1960s after which they were almost replaced by the nuisance plastic straws. Paper straws are today used but a one use only.

Metal straws are the other alternative to plastic straws. Metal straws are sustainable alternatives to plastic straws since they are reusable and eco-friendly.These straws come with brushes to enable easy washing.
Today, bamboo straws are other alternatives to plastic straws.These are lightweight straws from sustainable forests. These are not single use straws and are eco-friendly.There are many companies that are now making bamboo straws that are hygienically acceptable.

The other alternative to plastic straws if the glass straws. Glass straws are good since they can be well washed and reused.
Plastic straws should never enjoy a purchase from you.

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