Using the Urban and Natural Landscape of Michigan to Create Art

Art is all about beauty. Sometimes that beauty isn’t easy to see. And oftentimes one needs to actually let things soak in to properly appreciate it. But when you do it’s always worth the time and effort.

The same might well be said for Michigan itself. It has a unique blend of extremes. It’s sometimes known as the motor capital of the US. And one can see the urban sprawl that comes with large scale industry.

But at the same time the northern areas are green and natural. It has a natural beauty to the point where people in surrounding states often make it a tourist destination. Many even have vacation homes in the area to allow them a chance to really soak in the natural wonders of Michigan.

It’s a dichotomy that’s often hidden from people who simply stumble upon it. But at the same time it’s something that one can often see in the local art scene. Take any wall graphics michigan style for example. The style speaks to the natural dichotomy of Michigan. However, this isn’t always easy to see at first.

Consider the earlier discussion of Michigan’s dichotomy. The bridge between urban and natural environment’s can often be seen in unexpected places. Buildings show up in the midst of nature. And nature can be seen reclaiming many areas of the city. Even extremes like Detroit have areas where nature is taking back areas of the city.

Wall graphics in Michigan tend to put an emphasis on this style. it’s not always even obvious at first. But much like Michigan itself it can benefit from overall immersion. This is important for people simply trying to appreciate the artistic style.

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But it’s arguably even more important for someone who’s struggling to take those first steps into making their own artwork. If you grew up on Michigan than there’s no need to really struggle for that natural dichotomy. The dual nature of Michigan has already infused you. The great lakes and the great cities sing in your soul. And your eyes have beheld the beauty of northern forests and southern cities. It’s more a matter of tapping into those memories and feelings than it is learning something new.

Of course this is sometimes easier said than done. One can’t simply decide to tap into a feeling or memory and have it appear like a genie from a lamp. Instead, our wishes for deeper artistic connections can take some time.

As such, you should prepare for Michigan themed wall graphics by getting out into Michigan itself. You should let yourself really feel the nature of the land on which you walk. If possible you should try to stroll between the areas. See the sights of Michigan and talk to the people about what they love.

It can take a while. But when you reconnect to the area in this manner you’re sure to find your inspiration. Everyone trying to tap into Michigan’s beauty will find something different. But you’ll soon be able to express one more facet of that beauty within your own artwork.